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Magdalenas 2019 (Fallas de Castellón)

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It is not necessary to be Erasmus student to participate in our trips and activities.
Internships, spanish students, exchange students, tourists, nationals, etc:
Everyone is welcome!

Important information: In recent years, some bad “associations” in Valencia have been copying our trips and activities, even with the same prices and same days, with the sole purpose of confusing the students and taking advantage of our advertising. Before buying your ticket, verify that you are doing it with “International VIP Valencia”. Do not be fooled!!

Surestour Mayorista de Viajes


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“Fallas Castellón 2019”

Las Fiestas de la Magdalena

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Still have more desire for Fallas? This is not finished yet!!!

Mascletás, fireworks, concerts, parades, offering of the flowers, fairs, music in the streets, street parties and much more!

As you already know every city in Spain has a week of festivities where everybody comes together to drink and dance in the streets!ç

​After Fallas in Valencia they celebrate the Fiestas de La Magdalena in Castellon which is only 70km from Valencia so perefct for those who love festivals!

​The Magdalena Festival. is one of the biggest in Casteloon de la Plana. It commemortaes the origins of the city, remembering the journey of the city from a colony of Magdalena to a flat fertile coastline in 1251.

​These festivities were declared an international tourist interest in 2010.

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▲ Despite the fact that Castellón de la Plana is an important industrial city in Spain, it’s also a very popular tourist destination thanks to its history and architectur.

Castellón de la Plana. is considered as a relatively young city as it was only formed in 1252.
​The historical centre is away from the coast.
The city was founded on the plain, but gradually grew to the coast, and now all its avenues and streets overlook the sea.
Today more than 180,000 people live Castellón.

​The city has strongly developed over the last century. It started with the industrial revolution in 1991 and the University of Jaime I was created. Castellon is considered the main city on the ‘orange coast’ the Azahar Coast

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Fiestas de la Magdalena

It is held every third Saturday of Lent as a nine-day celebration in honor of the founding of the city. More than seven centuries ago, in 1252, the people of Castellón left their mountain fortress to build a city on the plain. Hence the name of the city is known as Castellón de la Plana.

Throughout the week, the city will hosts several concerts, plays, bullfights, fairs and celebrations. The Fiestas of Magdalena in recent years are the most important event in the region and thousands of visitors come to participate


This is the real attraction of Castellón, an unforgettable show of 19 sculptures up to 6 meters high, created with different types of lighting. All “Gaiatas” have their symbolic meaning, and each year hundreds of people create these masterpieces of light in such a way that are unique to each Fiesta de Magdalena.

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Official program for 30th March, 2019

14h: Mascletà: Pirotecnia Hermanos Ferrandez

16h: Ofrenda de flores.

17h: Corrida de toros, Domingo Hernandez y Garcigrande

18h: Macro Festival Salsero Futura Latina (Música latina) 

21h: Pirotecnia: Gran Correfoc Magdalener

23h: Castillo de fuegos: Pirotecnia Ricardo Caballer de Valencia.

00h: Concierto

01h: Regreso a Valencia.

If you want to see all the Fallas de Castellón programming, you can enter here: https://www.fiestasdelamagdalena.com/agenda/8

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Time and place of depart:
Saturday 30/03/2019 at 11:00h
International VIP Office: C/ Actriz Encarna Mañez #3

Time and place of return:
Sunday 31/01/2019 approximately at 01:00h from Castellón

International VIP Office: C/ Actriz Encarna Mañez #3

The return schedule may be subject to possible variations dependent on external factors such as traffic on highways, shipping, etc… 


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√ Private Bus from Valencia to Castellón
√ Free Time to Visit Castellón’s city
√ Party time in Fallas of Castellón
√ Photography
√ International VIP coordination
√ Private Bus Castellón to Valencia



★ Individual price: 19€ ★


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1) It is allowed to bring water and food. (Always recommended in plastic bottle).


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:::: POINT OF SALE ::::
International VIP office
C/ Actriz Encarna Mañez #3 (Plaza del Cedro)
WhatsApp info: +34 654 191 568
*Google Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/vpi7cB64rSp

:::SCHEDULE 2019:::

Monday: Closed
Tuesday: from 18:00h to 22:00h
from18:00h to 22:00h
from 18:00h to 22:00h
 from 18:00h to 22:00h


:::: ONLINE SALE ::::

You can pay by credit card, debit card and PayPal.
Before boarding the bus you can show the payment receipt in the phone.

If you are buying more than 1 place, do not forget to send personal information (full name, email and whatsapp number) in Additional information before finalizing the online purchase. Thank you.

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