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Calpe & Benidorm

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Surestour Mayorista de Viajes


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«Calpe & Benidorm»

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International VIP Valencia, wants you to discover new areas, new paradises and all of the places that you can’t miss during your time in Spain!

On our excursion we will have the opportunity to see spectacular panoramic natural viewpoints, you will also have the opportunity to climb the Peñón de Ifach.

Undoubtedly, this is one of the most impressive hiking routes around Valencia.

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The Peñon  of Ifach is a rock thats 332 metres high with impressive views of the sea.

​The climb to the summit doesn’t take long, however the last part of the route requieres a certain skill, ability and the right shoes! Along the path you can see all sorts of flowers and plants and animals and the park is home to more than 80 species of birds (Peregrine falcon, the yellow-legged gull, the long nose cormorant, and the warbler) and there are around 400 species of plants. Some of which are only found here.

If you are adventurous then you can climb to the very summit where you will feel like you literally have the world at your feet!​

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You can bring your own food and drink ​if you don’t want to spend much money, but there is a variety of places to eat along the beach where you can get fish, paella, platters etc.

We assure you that it will be an unforgettable experience.

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After eat, we will continue our excursion to Benidorm.

Benidorm, ​is one of the biggest and most famous tourist destination in Spain. A giant rock that towers over the sea forms the symbolic centre of the bay. Inland the city is surrounded by tall mountains that protect it from any sudden wind or climate changes from the north. It’s an exceptionally good geographical location which means it has a unique natural microclimate, characterized by a constant air and water temperature without any clouds. Thanks to these weather conditions Benidorm receives guests all year round.

White sand, blue sea and sun throughout the year – what could be a better holiday location?

The majority of the streets in Benidorm have historical names such as Avenida Uruguay, Avenida del Mar Mediterráneo,​ and La Calle de Pekín. Along the beach there is a charming promenade with palm trees where you can sit down and relax in a cafe, pub or restaurant close to the beach.

​It’s like a paradise with the crystal clear waters and white sand!

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Benidorm is the Ibiza of the Peninsula – ​it’s the city of parties and holidays throughout the year! It’s a city created for fun and leisure that originally started out as a small fishing village in the 60’s.
​Good weather is guarenteed with great beaches and the best clubs such as Pacha, Penelope, KU and around 20 more.

​It’s the second city in the world with the most skyscrapers ​coming in just after New York. Among the skyline is the Hoetl Bali which is almost 200 metres high with 52 floors and since 2006 has been thetallest building in Europe. It has two panoramic lifts and impressive views from the viewpoint at the top which you can visit. Each year there is a competition to see who can climb the stairs in the quickest time and the record is 4 and a half minutes!

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Some images say more than a thousand words.

Travel with “International VIP”, more than five years creating unforgettable memories!

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Time and place of depart:
Sunday 29/03/2020 at 09:00h

International VIP Valencia Office
C/ Actriz Encarna Mañez #3 (Av. Blasco Ibañez)
*Google Maps: https://her.is/2oS18qg

Time and place of return:
Sunday 29/03/2020 at 21:30h

International VIP Valencia Office
C/ Actriz Encarna Mañez #3 (Av. Blasco Ibañez)

The return schedule may be subject to possible variations dependent on external factors such as traffic on highways, shipping, etc… 


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√ Private bus from Valencia to Calpe
√ Climb up the Peñon of Ifach
√ Free time in the beach – Calpe
√ Private bus from Calpe to Benidorm
√ Visit and free time in the city.
√ Free time on the beach of Postiguet – Benidorm
√ International VIP coordination
√ Photography
√ Private bus to Valencia



With the card of International VIP Valencia

★Individual price: 21€★

*If you already have the International VIP card, you can request your discount code online, by private message to our WhatsApp number.



★Group price 10 people: 22€ for each one★

★Group price 5 people: 23€ for each one★
★Group price 3 people: 24€ for each one★
★Individual price: 25€★

Group prices are only applied in the office. Only cash.


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:::: POINT OF SALE ::::
International VIP Valencia office
C/ Actriz Encarna Mañez #3 (Plaza del Cedro)
WhatsApp info: +34 633 651 124
*Google Maps: https://her.is/2oS18qg

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Saturday: from 18:00h to 20:00h (Special schedule, confirm opening by WhatsApp)


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