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Aquatic Hiking

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It is not necessary to be a student to participate in our trips and activities.
Tourists, internships, nationals, exchange, Erasmus, etc: Everyone is welcome!

Important information: In recent years, some so-called “travel agencies” have been copying our trips and activities, obviously they are the bad copy, even with the same prices and same days, with the sole purpose of confusing, deceiving and taking advantage of our good work. Before buying your place, check well that it is with “International VIP Valencia”.
Don’t let yourself be cheated or cheated!

Surestour Mayorista de Viajes


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“Aquatic Hiking”

Descent of the Fraile river

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We are going to enjoy nature, a day of river Trekking in which we will see spectacular landscapes.

Mountains, rivers, pools of water, ropes, jumps…all this while we walk, we breathe fresh air and make new friends !!

The route will be circular, starting and ending in the same place, and is one of the most popular among the aquatic trekking routes of the Valencian community and that no lover of nature can miss. It lasts about 3 hours (in movement) and has a length of 7km. 

It is a relatively simple route that everyone with agility can do and in which we will take breaks often.

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During the tour we will make several breaks, some of them to eat.

Keep in mind that we will have to completely enter the water (It is not necessary to know how to swim). You must bring only things that can get wet without problem and protect with waterproof bags those things what can not get wet!

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Also your shoes should be suitable, always closed and comfortable footwear, remember, it will get wet.

We must always respect the nature and the areas that we are going to visit, so be very careful not to leave any garbage and always follow the instructions of the International VIP staff that will accompany you and guide the entire route.

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1) The route is not suitable for children under 12 years old.
2) Shoes for water or booties are mandatory.
3) Bring at least 2L of water and snack to eat. (There are no restaurants or bars).
4) Don’t forget to bring a swimsuit, towel and sunscreen.
5) We will swim through some pools, so carry cell phone protection or things that could be damaged.
6) We recommend not to party until late, to enjoy the activity to the fullest.
7) Along the hiking route, there are no health services available, remember that we are in the middle of nature and the mountain, back to Valencia we will make a stop for those who need to use these services.

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Time and place of depart:
Saturday 29/06/2019 at 09:00h
International VIP Office: C/ Actriz Encarna Mañez #3

Time and place of return:
Saturday 29/06/2019 approximately at 21:00h

International VIP Office: C/ Actriz Encarna Mañez #3

The return schedule may be subject to possible variations dependent on external factors such as traffic on highways, shipping, etc… 


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√ Private bus from Valencia to Trekking route
√ Guide Trekking
√ Free time in the nature
√ Photographer
√ Coordination International VIP
√ Private bus to Valencia



★Group price 5 people: 20€ for each one★
★Group price 3 people: 21€ for each one★
★ Individual price: 22€ ★

Group prices are only applied in the office. Only cash.


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:::: POINT OF SALE ::::
International VIP Valencia office
C/ Actriz Encarna Mañez #3 (Plaza del Cedro)
WhatsApp info: +34 633 651 124
*Google Maps: https://her.is/2oS18qg

:::SCHEDULE 2019:::

Monday, Tuesday: Closed
Wednesday: from 18:00h to 22:00h
from 18:00h to 22:00h
 from 18:00h to 22:00h

Saturday: from 18:00h to 20:00h (Special schedule, confirm opening by WhatsApp)


:::: ONLINE SALE ::::
(⇊ click on the image of the excursion ⇊ )

Before boarding the bus you can show the payment receipt in the phone.
You can pay by credit card, debit card and PayPal.

If you are buying more than 1 place, do not forget to send personal information (full name, email and whatsapp number) in Additional information before finalizing the online purchase.

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