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Sunset of Albufera

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It is not necessary to be Erasmus student to participate in our trips and activities.
Tourists, internships, nationals, exchange, etc: Everyone is welcome.

Important information: In recent years, some bad “associations” in Valencia have been copying our trips and activities, even with the same prices and same days, with the sole purpose of confusing the students and taking advantage of our advertising. Before buying your ticket, verify that you are doing it with “International VIP Valencia”. Do not be fooled!!

Surestour Mayorista de Viajes


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Sunset in “La Albufera”

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This Tuesday 09th October 2018 (Holiday), we will visit 2 beautiful places in Valencian Community!!

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The Natural park “La Albufera“, is one of the most representative and valuable in Valencia and the Mediterranean coastal wetlands.With an area of 21,120 hectares.

Its proximity and ease of access make it the perfect excuse to leave the city and observe nature. Throughout the year, the great biodiversity of this protected natural area allows us to observe a large variety of fauna and flora.

Since 1990, the Natural Park of Albufera has been included in the list of wetlands of international importance for birds established under the Ramsar Convention of 2nd February 1971, and since 1991 it has been included as a ZEPA area (Zone for special Protection of Birds) and is also considered a site of Community Interest (SCI).

​During the sunset we will see one of the most beautiful and typical scenes from a Valencia postcard, the sunsest on the Lagoon.

The only sunset that can be seen on the peninsula by this part of the Mediterranean Sea.

Come with us to discover the wonders of Valencia.

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Before going to «La Albufera» we will make a stop in Port Saplaya – known for its beaches and for its peculiar houses thanks to which it has received the nickname «Little Venice».

This town belongs to the municipality of Alboraya, therefore it is known as «the cradle of horchata», due to the great tradition of this drink in the city and the nearby tigernut fields.

Horchata. is a refreshing drink (also dessert), prepared with water, sugar and chufas (or ground), as well as ingredients that enhance its flavor, such as cinnamon and the skin of a lemon. We can enjoy this drink so typical of this land in the bars of the town called HORCHATERÍA.

* Curiosity: There is a story from the time of Reconquista that explains why this drink is called horchata (orxata in Valencian). It says that there was once a peasant who one day took the King of the Crown of Aragon, Jaime I «the Conqueror», a pocha de horchata. The king liked the taste very much and asked what it was. The girl replied that it was chufa milk (llet de xufa, in Valencian). The king exclaimed: Açò is not llet, açò és OR, XATA !, that is, ‘This is not milk, this is gold, flat!’. And by the play of words or and xata now we call this drink in this way. Thus says the legend was born the Valencian word ORXATA.

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Time and place of depart:
Tuesday 09/10/18 at 15:00h 

International Vip Office: C/ Actriz Encarna Mañez #3

Time and place of return:
Tuesday 09/10/18 approximately at 20:30h

International Vip Office: C/ Actriz Encarna Mañez #3

The return schedule may be subject to possible variations dependent on external factors such as traffic on highways, shipping, etc… 


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√ Private Bus from Valencia to Port Saplaya
√ Free time to Beach
√ Private Bus from Port-Saplaya to «La Albufera»
√ Free time in the Natural Park “La Albufera”
√ Free time to watch the sunset
√ Private Bus from Albufera to Valencia
√ International VIP Coordination
√ Photography


->VIP Week<-

from 01st to 08th October, 2018

★ Individual price: 10€ ★



09th October, 2018 from 00:01h to 12:00h

★ Individual price: 15€ ★

Group prices are only applied in the office. Only cash.


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1) Do not forget to bring your bathing suit, towel and sunblock if you want to swim on the beach of «Port Saplaya».
2) There is the possibility of boat trips in «La Albufera» for 4€.


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:::: POINT OF SALE ::::
International Vip office
C/ Actriz Encarna Mañez #3 (Plaza del Cedro)
WhatsApp info: +34 652 635 434
*Google Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/vpi7cB64rSp

:::SCHEDULE 2018/2019:::

Monday: Closed
Tuesday: from 18:00h to 22:00h
from 18:00h to 22:00h
from 18:00h to 22:00h
 from 18:00h to 22:00h

Saturday: from 18:00h to 20:00h


:::: ONLINE SALE ::::

You can pay by credit card, debit card and PayPal.
Before boarding the bus you can show the payment receipt in the phone.

If you are buying more than 1 place, do not forget to send personal information (full name, email and whatsapp number) in Additional information before finalizing the online purchase. Thank you.

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